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Dog Training

423631_edit Training your dog is an essential part of your interaction with him or her. Not only does training provide your dog with the needed skills, but it also is your best opportunity to form long-lasting bonds with your pet. Dog obedience classes represent an investment with your dog. In fact, the time and money a person spends on training their dog represents a mere small fraction of what owners spend over the dog’s lifetime. In the long run, dog obedience classes can save you time, money, and even moments of frustration.
Under the ownership of Robert Marrone, RCM Professional Dog Training provides dog owners with a proven training process that will help you form those essential bonds with your dog while also providing you with techniques that will effectively and permanently shape behavior. Our training services include:

  • Basic obedience (on-leash)

  • Advanced obedience (off-leash)

  • Protection sports, competitive obedience and agility training

  • Specialized services for dogs with aggression issues (towards other dogs and/or people)

  • Specialized services for shy, fearful or timid dogs

  • Personal protection services

  • Dog sales

  • Private lessons

  • Boarding and training